contribute and test French translations

I have understood the H5P activities translation process, and my team and I are willing to provide finalized French translations for some or all H5P activities and the H5P WordPress plugin.

I have no problem with the WordPress plugin, which uses standard PO and MO files.

But how can I test the H5P activities translations on our test server before sending them back through Github?

It sounds like replacing the "fr.json" file in the "language" directory does not work, and that we must use "H5PCLI".

I am not familiar with that, and haven't understood how to use H5PCLI to test our new activities translations.

Please advise.


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Hi atriaforever, 

thanks for offering to help with translations, it's great that you've understood how to submit them via Github as that's the most efficient way to get them merged in :) 

As for testing the content types with your own translations, you'll have to set up a drupal site (which isn't too different from wordpress), enable the development folder in the configuration and then clone the h5p's into that folder. 

Drupal will then watch the development folder and update your content types accordingly. 

Let me know if you have any questions!

Hi Tom,

Since my previous post, I have been able to find out how to test our translations.

We use H5P on WordPress and we located where in the WP database the translations were stored.

We just updated the database and it works fine.

Thanks anyway.

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Hi atriaforever,

I'm glad you found what you are looking for and thank you for getting back to us.