Adding second text input field to Interactive Content update page in Moodle


Hi there, 

I was wondering if someone could provide a couple of first steps or tutorial link for how one might go about adding another text field (like a second Description field) to the H5P content type creation page in Moodle. The desired result is to have the contents of that field output after or below the actual interactive H5P object: just a place to put some HTML. 

My first guess is that it would require extending the mod_hvp_mod_form class in mod_form.php?

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Hi Matt!

I am not sure how many community developers are around here (and they probably rather look at the developer forum). Have you considered to also post your question on the moodle developer forums?


Of course, yes I should have done that. Thanks, Oliver, I've moved it over. I guess I was intimidated because I'm not really a developer, just an enthusiast!

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No need to be intimidated. Everyone has to start somewhere.