Image Hotspot error

Image is not showing on my end this is the error I am having in the console

using Wordpres 4.2.1 nginx php-fpm

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Strange. Have you updated your H5P libraries?

1. I have created timecode library separately (same as goto), I want to acess it in image interaction onclick hotspot ,for that I just add in semantic of image using selectTogglefilelds ,but after adding value of timecode and running video ,its not going to new timecode ,as I see separate timecode libaray working in video .( using wordpress ,custumizing h5p IV libraries) ...please let me know if any way I can acess my libraries and run .

I also add audio libaray in 'image interaction' its working ,Whats the problem for Timecode .

2. another quetion - I am acessing TEXT lib in IMAGE , only text field gets onclick dropdown of togglefields ,why 'go to link ' ,'poster','label'   etc .  are hidden.


Please help as per as early ...Thank you so much .

Is there anyway to resize H5P Image Hotspot content? There seems to be coding overriding any resizing I do at an embed level.