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Hey Guys,

i need help, i´m a beginner in developing. We are working with Wordpress and we want to build a Plugin which show us in all h5p-elements like videos, pictures etc the license. It should open via a cc-license button. Most of the Code ist working,but we havent finished it know. First we want to outsorce it and integrate it in our test blog.

Please can somebody tell us how it works? 



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Hi Nina!

Not sure if this is something you're looking for: All main content types, subcontent types, images, etc. will get a metadata form, and the metadata will be displayed alongside the copyright information for media: https://h5ptechnology.atlassian.net/projects/HFP/issues/HFP-1897. We're working on it right now.


Hi Olli,

brilliant, thank you, this looks great and would help us a lot to indicate which licenses we want to make the H5P packages available under! Is ther any sort of release date for this feature? And possibility of mapping those metadata to schema.org or LRMI metadata sets? Thanks in advance! Tobi

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Hi Tobias!

1) When it's done ;-) We're close to finishing all the changes to the core of H5P, but exactly because we touched all the vital organs, we need to really test this and make sure nothing breaks.

2) We had CC REL in mind, but will definitely not support it in the first version. It may be added when we touch the styling of the copyright view later (we are open for pull requests on that one ;-)). Adding an export button that triggers transforming the data from the H5P database/files into a different format should really not be difficult.