Anyone with experiences in automatically uploading H5P content

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Is there anybody out there who has experience with automatically uploading H5P content to a site that is H5P capable? I'm planning to create a site that provides daily exercises that are automatically created from a big database. I don't see any problem with creating the actual H5P content, however I'm unsure if it is feasable to upload H5P packages to a CMS without human interaction. I've looked around a bit, and I haven't found a way of uploading H5P content to Drupal or WordPress through an API.

Does this exist or has anybody got any experience with customizing a CMS to support this feature?

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Hi, I've not done this, but all H5P integrations expose an endpoint for uploading an H5P library, however this expects a library in the .h5p format, which is probably not what you want. All H5Ps' content is comprised of mainly json, so building something custom should be possible, but I don't know of any existing implementations of such a tool. Good luck, let us know if you end up making a tool for this.