Drag & Drop - False results provided

Drag & Drop - False results provided

This occurs when creating content on multiple Moodle instances and also on H5P itself (see attached file for example).

If you have 3 draggable zones and 3 images each with 1 correct answer but simply click to submit straight away then you are given full marks (which is untrue. Also if you drag the correct images to the correct boxes then submit it will inform you that all your answers are wrong.

Unfortunately this means that the Drag & Drop content type is useless for our customers :( Can anyone provide any information on this? I don't believe I'm missing a setting.

The bug reported is false itself. There is an extremely confusing user journey to get drag and drop to function correctly which caused the confusion. If possible please look into the fact that you must configure the draggable icon for drop zones then go back to the drop zone itself and configure the correct answer. Can this be closed/archived?

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Hey Eddy!

We could delete the post, but it's valuable! It documents that the user experience might need improvement, and on the other hand could help others to double check if something's wrong or not.

Just give us a hint if you really want it to be deleted.