Captions in Interactive Video

If the interactive videos are playing in an HTML five player, and I can use the <track> feature and captions stored in VTT format, with video playing in an HTML5 player (like I'm currenlty doing with jwplayer), is there a way to modify the HTML5 video player within H5P to honor the <track> feature and show a captions button?

I've attempted to figure out where the interactive video feature is pulling the video player from, but I can't seem to find it.  I'm happy to play with the player to see if I can get caption to work (which would benefit all those who are required to present videos with captions), but I need some guidance of where to look in the H5P folder/files. 


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H5P.Video, which is the main video library supports captions, implementation: semantics and JS. I suppose the reason it has not been added to Interactive Video is that the other attributes of the H5P.Video library is incompatible with IV, such as removing controls, auto-looping, etc.

I suppose the simplest solution would be to add caption semantics in Interactive Video semantics. A more rigorous solution could be to only use parts of H5P.Video, by only processing parts of the semantics inside Interactive Video. The best solution would be to completely intergrate H5P.Video within Interactive Video, though I suppose this is a huge amount of work.

I think your best bet to get this implemented is create a complete specification for this in the feature request forum and an issue in interactive video for this where the solution could be discussed. This feature is essential for accessibility in Interactive Video

Thanks, Thomas