Single choice set

Hi! I would like to know if is possible activate an option in the single choice set activities to skipt the answers that you don't know like it's possible to do in flashcards activities. And another question, if it's possible activate or giving the user the possibility to show all questions or, alternatively, one at one.

Thanks! And good work.

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I'm afraid this is not possible at the moment. You'll have to do some development work to make it possible. Thanks for reporting. We'll keep this in mind, but I think the developer of single choice set is eager to keep it as simple as possible with very few options.

thanks for the reply. I imagine it will not be possible to insert a feedback on right or wrong answer, that is, insert a comment for the person who can fill the activity has hit know why or why not. Thanks!

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Yeah, this is something that is possible with regular multichoice. With single choice set I don't think we want to add this feature since we want to keep it very simple. Another developers might create an advanced single choice set content type or something and add these features there.