Moodle Duplicate Activity

When creating similar activities in moodle, there is a 'duplicate' tool.This is a really useful timesaving device when creating a new activity, that is an edited / modified version of an existing activity.

Is it possible to 'duplicate', or 'save as' a copy of an h5p resource in order to re-use the structure / interactions e.t.c. and then simply edit the content?


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Duplicate/clone/copy in Moodle is not supported yet. Until that is implemented, you may do the following:

  1. Download the H5P you wish to clone
  2. Create a new H5P, and choose upload
  3. Upload the H5P file downloaded in 1)

Btw, you may add a feature request for the Moodle plugin here:

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I might ask our IT staff to share the code. It seems that it was quite simple to add an option for downloading interactive videos in moodle's backend that in turn could be uploaded in other modules.