Results for users

I found the h5p only record the lastest test scores for the users, but not all scores if multiple tries.   Does anyone know if it could record results for all attempts, so that more thorough analysis could be done?  Or is there workarounds for this purpose?  Appreciate it

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H5P reports all results as xAPI but only stores the last one. We know that several organizations are working on software for storing and analyzing results from H5P and this is also the development we're hoping for. We want H5P to be all about content and let other software handle users, metadata, learning analytics, reporting and stuff like that. To make this happen we keep improving our xAPI integration and we hope to release a version very soon that also reports what the user answered and not only the users score. I implemented this for multichoice yesterday and will implement it for fill in the blanks today.

Great!  Do you include the answers for all attempts, or just the last round?  For what you've done on multichoice yesterday, has it been published, so that I could take a look?  Thanks.

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xAPI reports all attempts. We haven't release it yet. We hope to release next week :)