Canvas Integration

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Hi Folks, 

I was seriously excited to find H5P and seeing the quality and ease of creation. But...My institution is going down the Canvas route.

This seems to leave me with only difficult options:

  • Setup my own Wordpress/Moodle/Drupal site to create/host then embed into Canvas,
  • Make use of to create/host - but I was under the impression that this is meant as a demo/tryoout site not a permanent solution, is this right?

Having spoken to one of the boffins at Canvas and nosying around, I get the impression that Canvas integration is being worked on. Is release imminent? Is it worthwhile me hanging on a while?



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Hi SparTacuS,

Several platforms that H5P currently does not support, but that soon will be supported through will also integrate third party software to offer support for large videos, math, analytics and storing results in the LMSs. is currently in closed beta, should definitely be open for all organizations during the summer, but probably not for individuals and smaller teams until the autumn.


You can go to to learn more and sign up for updates.