H5P with xAPI in Moodle and Drupal


I am working to create a H5P content generator with Drupal. I love Drupal´s plugin, nice work. I will like to know how to check users behaviours using xAPI. I saw that in the last release this is integrated, but I am not able to see user´s result(stadistisc) in Drupal. I also wanted to add this content to Moodle, and I can do it adding as a link. Is it possible using xAPI pluggin in Moodle to get user data (questiosn results, ....). It is very improtat for me to get user results, but I am not able to do it neither in Drupal nor in Moodle.

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H5P generates statements but doesn't store them. You'll need to use third party software to do something with the statements or create your own.

See http://h5p.org/documentation/x-api

We've taken this approach since we want to focus on being a great platform for creating, sharing and reusing interactive content. We hope other projects and businesses will create software for learning analytics, storing, transferring etc. It seems to be happening already but if there won't be open source alternatives to for instance store xAPI statements from H5P in an LRS for Drupal and Wordpress in the near future we might do the job.

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We've been recommended to add LTI support for H5P.org before doing a Moodle plugin since Moodle sites often isn't updated frequently and H5P is moving forward quite quickly. A Moodle site that hasn't been updated the last 3 months probably wouldn't be able to use the latest H5P libraries.

The idea is that Moodle users could then use H5P.org to create their content and embed it in Moodle using the "External Tool". Grades would then be recorded in the users grade book.

So the main advantage would be that Moodle users would always have access to the latest stable versions of the H5P content types without having to worry about updates. The biggest draw backs would be having to log in to two different sites, and less customization options. To begin with it wouldn't be possible to change the styling for instance.

Any thoughts here?