control the interaction

I have 2 questions and I hope I can get your help ...

First question :Once an interactive video is displayed and a quiz appears and after that a viewer answered ,how can I get the answers he submitted in order to give him a score ?


Second question :How can I prevent the viewer from skipping answering questions ,in other words ,I want to make it impossible to watch the rest of the video unless the viewer answers .

I hope to get answers it's really important for me because my college project is based on it .Thank you all .

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You'll need to be a developer or hire developers to do the things you want to do here.

I believe that the answer to your first question is our xAPI integration. Currently you'll be able to get the score there and in our upcoming release you'll also be able to get the user's answers.

In the second question you probably want to change the Interactive Video content type. The changes you talk about is something we might do in the future but it will take several months for us to get there.

Thank you for answering my questions,I really appreciate it .