H5P for Moodle (Plugin) - Two Completion Activity Questions

Hello - 

I recently downloaded the H5P Moodle plugin. I am using it to create interactive course material. My first question is regarding the Course Presentation feature. With Course Presentation I am able to display a slideshow in which the student scrolls right/left to view the slides. It looks great. I am attempting to configure the slideshow, via Moodle, to only be considered "complete" when the user navigates to the last slide. As of now, in my Moodle settings, I am only able to mark it as complete when the slideshow has been viewed. Is there any work around for this? 

My next inquiry is regarding Course Recompletion. In my Moodle instance I have a plugin called Course Recompletion configured. When I create a Moodle course, via the Moodle system content, I am able to have all course activity completion/grades reset via the Course Recompletion plugin. This works successfully with Moodle content. The idea is to have required, annual courses that automatically reset for the users. From what I can tell, when a course is 100% complete via H5P content, the course does not reset via my Course Recompletion settings. Does anyone have any suggestions in terms of making these two plugins work with one another?

I apologize for the wordy message. Any suggestions and/or insight would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!