content can not be edited anymore

H5P in WordPress, both in the latest version. I have a content folder with more than 700 MB: du -hs * 4.0K audios 4.0K files 45M images 730M videos The content can not be edited anymore. With every attempt to open the content, I get an empty view and the temp directory fills up.
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That is strange. Have you tried deleting it?

Do you get any error messages in your Browser's console? (Ctrl + Shift + J to open in Chrome)

There are no messages in the console and I can't delete the content. :\

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Did you upload something when creating the content?

Does it use all the space of the tmp folder? I'm guessing that it's trying to generate the export but it runs out of disk space or memory. Are there any messages in your web server's error log?