Drag and Drop

I have a large drag and drop with images where there are 12 images that they have to label.  I have the words to drag infinitely cloned because there is more than one of each type in the images.  When they get something wrong and want to fix it, all of the words, even correct ones, disappear and they have to do all 12 again.  Is it possible to only have the incorrect ones go away so they can just retry those?

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There is no "try more" feature for Drag and Drop questions. When you have given your answer it is final and to try again you can only "retry", which will reset all draggables.

I see how this feature that you are describing could be useful, especially in big Drag and Drop tasks. To get this feature implemented you would have to create a pull request for it, or get someone else to implement it. If you are not proficient in programming I suggest creating an issue with a clear specification for this in the "feature request" forum.