Error when file upload takes time


When a user uploads a file (audio or video file) and the upload takes more than a couple of minutes it gets an error

On Chrome the error is SyntaxError: Unexpected token S

On Firefox the error is SyntaxError: JSON.parse: unexpected character at line 2 column 1 of the JSON data

So probably the server has some timeout feature that cuts the upload.

Is that assumption correct?

Because I have checked php.ini and iis web.config and applicationHost options and have set relevant timeouts to 5 minutes and the error persists.

Is there anywhere on H5P files a time restriction of any kind for file uploads ?

Thank you

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Is it possible that the file is too big? We know that the current version of H5P by mistakes gives error messages like those mentioned for files that are too big. H5P supports YouTube videos if that is an option for you.

The thing is when I upload the same file from a pc with higher upload rate (and thus smaller upload time) the same file uploads OK regardless of size.

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Yeah, ok. H5P doesn't have a timeout, so it is probably a server issue.