large file uploading on moodle plugin

Hi all, 

I've got a large video file which I'm attempting to upload into the H5P moodle plugin, but it stops after a few seconds stating 'your file may be too large'. I've increased the limits in the moodle front end settings and the PHP.ini file to be larger than the video size but stil it doesn't make a difference. 

I've tried embedding from youtube as a workaround, but I can't kill the youtube features, like the 'next/related videos' or the youtube logo which appears in the bottom right when you rollover. Appending commands to the URL to kill these off doesn't work, so streaming is not a viable option. 



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Hi, H5P does not set any restrictions for file sizes, this is only controlled by your web server/settings, Moodle and perhaps your host.
The File upload size guide of Moodle should give you a good idea of what settings you have to tweak to make sure you can upload larger videos. If you continue to experience this after following the guide it might be a good idea to contact your hosting provider, check your PHP error logs and your browser's console for any errors.