H5P content does not show up on the front end, even the shortcode itself

Since the last update, my H5P content has just stopped showing up on the front end (though it works on the backend after a quiz, for example, is published). Even the shortcode itself, for example [h5p id="1"], does not show up.

I have upgraded the library as advised but it still does not work. Is it possible for you to put the latest plugin on wordpress.org together with some instructions on what other steps to be taken. 

I really appreciate your hard work and I know what I am asking is a bit of too demanding but please kindly do. Otherwise, it will be sort of risky to build content on it.

Many many thanks!!!



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thank you for reporting this bug. Which version of wordpress are you using? I am going to try to replicate the bug locally first. Any other information such as which browser you're using and which h5p content type would be great too.  

Thank you for your prompt reply. 

I was using the lastest WP version 4.6.1 and the H5P plugin 1.7.3 on wordpress.org. The content that failed was a drag and drop text quiz (but I think other types of content would do too).

I have just reset everything and now it works quite smoothly. Luckily I am just beginning building H5P content, so the amount lost was not big. 

It would be very kind of you if you could set up a more convenient way for updating the plugin from wordpress.org and some sort of import/export function for H5P content.

Thank you very much again for the great and hard work you are doing and putting there for us to use for free. 


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I'm sorry that you had to lose the content you created. Improving the updating functionality is something we hope to devote more resources to in future releases.