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I need your help please!

I installed H5P xAPI in my wordpress site but I do not know how to proceed. It asks me for

xAPI Endpoint URL

xAPI Username

xAPI Password

What is that and when to to get them?

Thanks so much


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xAPI is a pipe for your data to be sent to a learning resource system (LRS). The username, password and endpoint refer to the system you want to integrate with. There are a few LRS solutions avaliable and you could try searching for them on google.

I use grassblade LRS, it's around USD200 for a years licence. You can then install it on your own server. The benefit of hosting the record store yourself is that your not paying for a subscription service. Most LRS providers charge per the LRS 'Statement' created, if you know you'll be generating many statements then you'll save $$$ in the longterm.