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Hi there,

I am completely new to H5P and have few general questions. I am setting up my new OER courses on Canvas Instructure - the free version. I know that H5P is now available to work with Canvas. Online I was able to find "To get started with H5P in Canvas you'll need to apply for a 30 days trial and have your Canvas admin ready to set up the LTI integration."

I don't think I have a Canvas admin, since I am setting up the course independetly of my institutions. 

In addition, I was wondering what happens after the 30 days trial. Is there a fee that I will need to pay? If so, how much?

Could anyone tell me what the next steps are to start using H5P within Canvas.

Thank you for your help.


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Hi Veronica,

The H5P integration with Canvas is hosted in which is an SaaS. should definitely be open for all organizations during the summer, but probably not for individuals and smaller teams until the autumn. This is mainly because the planned credit card payment feature haven't been implemented yet, and it isn't viable to handle payments manually for smaller teams whereas for organizations there will have to be different contracts and manual steps anyway.

Regarding you 30 day trial period with Canvas I think it's best to get in touch with their support.