problem in ios devices - RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded.

Hello, I made a presentation H5P and it isn't loading (got only blank screen). On console, I'm getting:

RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded.

My presentation has 10 slides, about 4 images, a couple of Single choice, audio and summary.

Has anyone experienced something similar? On android it's working properly.

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I have tried to reproduce this on iPad with iOS 10 without luck. From your explanation it seems like you are experiencing some demanding work, perhaps some recursive functions gone wrong. Do you have any other modules/plugins enabled that might interfere with H5P ?

Could you give some additional information, like what device you are using and what OS version, what browser you are using, if you have any server log errors ? Is the page open to public so I could look at it ?

- Thomas

Thanks for having a look into this.
I tried with ipad mini MF432LL/A (ios 7.0.3) as well as ipod touch MC540E/A (ios 6.1.6)

Hopefully I'll be able to get my hand inot an ios 10 device later today and report back.

For the record, also tried to check up H5P's example page and both devices crash on interactive video sample.

Browser: safari on both of them
Platform: wordpress
php error log log: clean (no errors logged)
location (temporal):

I do have some other plugins, however what worries me is that not even H5P samples work on those devices, perhaps it's an issue of ios version.

Followed console information and it' marked at H5P.js (line 1031):
   H5P.findCopyrights(info, value, contentId);

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Could you print the whole stack trace from your console so I can determine if there are lots of nested callbacks ? I'm having trouble reproducing this.

Update, I commented the line mentioned above and slide presentation is working fine in both devices.

Interactive video isn't yet working on ipod (it's working on ipad), will try to get debug log after work.

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I tested Interactive Video with a iPod Touch (6th gen) with iOS10 in Safari and it worked well. What iOS was your iPod on ?

Perhaps updating your OS and Safari browser could fix this for you ?

Hi Thomas, on that ipod model unfortunately that is on the latest ios (6.1.6) / safari browser supported.

If it's a case of obsolecence on the device, I'll just mark a warning for the people that visit the site.