Error when updating h5p from 1.7 to 1.9 with Moodle 3.1.2


When I try to update h5p from version 1.7 tot 1.9 within Moodle 3.1.2 I get this errormessage:

Debug info: Duplicate entry '0e807cc1cc2665c8418a2f03fe721383990c6d49' for key 'mdl_file_pat_uix'
UPDATE mdl_files SET contextid = 46747, pathnamehash = '0e807cc1cc2665c8418a2f03fe721383990c6d49' WHERE pathnamehash = 'e67a7731be1b620890d20c9e9c2a2b29e7fae576'
[array (
Error code: dmlwriteexceptionStack trace:
  • line 477 of /lib/dml/moodle_database.php: dml_write_exception thrown
  • line 982 of /lib/dml/mysqli_native_moodle_database.php: call to moodle_database->query_end()
  • line 176 of /mod/hvp/db/upgrade.php: call to mysqli_native_moodle_database->execute()
  • line 726 of /lib/upgradelib.php: call to xmldb_hvp_upgrade()
  • line 432 of /lib/upgradelib.php: call to upgrade_plugins_modules()
  • line 1742 of /lib/upgradelib.php: call to upgrade_plugins()
  • line 683 of /admin/index.php: call to upgrade_noncore()
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Are you using the official release candidate from the Moodle pages, or have you grabbed the latest version from github ?

Looks like some you're getting some duplicate data when re-hashng H5P activities from module to course context. I have made an issue to look into this.

Thank you for reporting this