360 video support


I really like h5p and the way it work for videos and interactivity over all. I would like to know if i can make it work with 360 videos or not.


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It should be supported. Have a look here.

I cant find out how. can you please guide me on this?

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Hi, tobe. You will need to sign up as a user on this site (h5p.org) and under your account you will be able to create new content types. If you select the interactive video and link it to a 360 video from youtube it should work.

Thanks man for the help. So it only work with youtube 360 videos? No other way to make it work on my hosted 360 videos ? hope there will be a way to do it. it will be something really useful.

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It really depends how your videos are created and hosted. If you send me a link, I could give it a go.

I am trying to BM you

I cant ;-(

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Hi, I think for the benefit of the other members of the community it would be best if you posted a video on the forum directly (one that you don't mind sharing, of course).

That is true, I will record 1min genaric video and upload it somewhere and post link.

Here are two links, Dont mind the bad stitching as it is done on auto since no time:

1min clip


10sec clip


Hope we can make it work ;-)

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Hi, I've had a go with the links you've sent. I don't think Interactive Video is capable of handling native 360 degree videos. 

Your best bet is uploading them onto youtube, see if they work there then link it to H5P. 

If you are very serious about making native 360 videos work with H5P, I would suggest you seek out developers who can contribute to the H5P source code (everything is open source) and the Core Team will be more than happy to merge it into the standard functionality.