Interative Course - No Navigation Page Swiping

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Hello Guys,

I have bean using h5p for quite a while now. I am very satisfied! :)

However, I have recently tried to create interactive courses but disabling the navigation. That is activating: "Activate Active Surface Mode".
Which gives me additional area for content of for my own navigation design. And I like it!

Problem here is that users can't swipe pages :(.
Can that be fixed?

Or maybe it is, i am using older version of h5p module because of the integration with my education app.

Just let me know, thanks

interactive course Activate Active Surface Mode swipe page function
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Hi Miki,

This is by design. The surface mode provides some control over how the user will interact with the content. A very good example of this is the "How familiar are you with France?" game which utilizes the surface mode and using a combination of image and go to slide as triggers for the right/wrong answers.


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Thanks, I understand now.

However what I had in mind is using this for a custom navigation troughout the interactive course, it would be a great feature if there is a option to enable/disable swiping.  But it's ok if that is not planned. I just have to deal with it :).