h5p.org website vs. h5p Drupal module


I have downloaded h5p drupal module and installed it on a fresh drupal 7. Thank you! I have set my permission settings for h5p as follows :

- authenticated users can create/edit/delete their "own" content

- admin can do all of the above on "any" content 

- anyone can view "any" content 

This is where my issue when I log-in here on the h5p.com site - I only see my "own" content that I created - I don't see other users content. But in my  local drupal install I am seeing all users content. 

I am guessing some setup options are incorrectly set by me? Any particular place I should look for? Basically what I am after is autheticated users can only view their own content. 

Any help would be greatful 


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Hi! Where is it you only want to see your content? On H5P.org you probably see all content if you have links to it? Is it the "My content" content list you're missing on your local site`?

Hello and thank you for your help. After poking around a bit I realised your answer. Yes it was my content. At the end I went with content access module to get the level of permission I was after.

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Ok, good. We use the views module on H5P.org for the personal content lists.