Should content created be searchable?

On an internal Wordpress site, I created content using the accordion function and embedded it into a post.

The content displays nicely, howewever when searching any of the words within the accordions, I get back no results.

Should this contect be searchable?

The version I have for the plugin is 1.10.1 if that helps.



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Hi avrohomf!

The answer depends on what search "device" you're using. The browser will also find words in H5P content, because it has access to the rendered page. WordPress doesn't. Its internal search function cannot search the contents of any embedded content that is inserted when the page is created. That problem is not limited to H5P.

I am not sure if WordPress offers a hook to amend the search results, but if it does, maybe someone in the community will pick up your suggestion if you post it in the feature request forum and implement this for the H5P plugin?!


Thanks Oliver, I appreciate the response and will begin to look for an alternative or other solution.