H5P and DrupalGap

Hello. I have been playing around with DrupalGap lately, and I was hoping to use H5P content in DrupalGap. Using contributed modules in DrupalGap is not as easy as installing a module in Drupal. I was wondering if anyone has thought about doing this, or has had any success, or if they might be willing to try to get it working. My goal is to create an app using DrupalGap and H5P content types. My next step is to get H5P working in DrupalGap as a custom module, or to get the developers to work on H5P. Any help would be appreciated. My H5P development skills are almost non-existent and my DrupalGap skills are also pretty basic. 

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The Core Team has not prioritized integration with DrupalGap but given enough effort I am sure that it is possible to load H5P content types into a DrupalGap application. I hope someone with the right skills sees this post and takes on the challenge.