Brazilian Portuguese translation


I have translated the folowing contents to brazilian portuguese.

h5p-multi-choice, h5p-interactive-video, h5p-mark-the-words, h5p-course-presentation, h5p-simple-multiple-choice
h5p-questionnaire, h5p-column, h5p-drag-question, h5p-image-hotspot-question, h5p-image, h5p-audio, h5p-video
h5p-timeline, h5p-moodle-plugin, h5p-collage, h5p-memory-game, h5p-blanks, h5p-drag-n-bar, h5p-matching
h5p-open-ended-question, h5p-dialogcards, h5p-editor-php-library, h5p-impressive-presentation , h5p-branching-question
h5p-iv-hotspot , h5p-speak-the-words, h5p-go-to-question, h5p-goals-page, h5p-exportable-text-area, h5p-flashcards
h5p-audio-recorder, h5p-document-export-page, h5p-single-choise-set, h5p-drag-text, h5p-chart, h5p-summary
h5p-standard-page, h5p-accordion

I've uploaded some of these on Github, but some translations where conflicting with another contributor from Portugal, so I've suggested the creation of pt-br files. Brazilian Portuguese and Portuguese from Portugal differ in grammar and even some words have different meaning, so I emphasize the importance of having both translations up to date.

Also wanted to know how long does it take for the translation to be reviewed and merged.

Sorry to bother,

Juliano Navroski

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Hi Juliano!

We receive separate messages whenever someone creates a pull request on github, so there's no need to address newly created language files here. Thanks a lot by the way!

Merging in changes to language do not take long as you will have noticed by now :-)