Question Set - remove show solution on results page?

This may be more of a feature request than a bug, but not sure. I'm trying to remove the 'Show Solution' button on the results page of a question set but can't find the combination of options to produce this. I can remove the option from each individual question - but I don't want my students to be able to view the answers at all.

Is it possible?



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It's currently not possible. To achieve this you need to do some coding. Either you would add a pull request for this at the questionset repo or you remove it with css or js from a custom module using H5P's APIs.

Hi and thanks for the response. My skills aren't the best on the coding side of things. I've tried using CSS to remove the visibility of the button - I added:

a.qs-solutionbutton {

    display: none;


But this didn't work. I also tried visibility: hidden; which didn't work either. If there's any other way you could point me in the right direction I'd be grateful. Thanks


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Ok, where did you add the css code?

I'm working in Drupal. I have the H5P content set up on a site and have embedded it within another Drupal site 

In I have a module called CSS Injector set up, which adds CSS to the page. I added the CSS here

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Ok, I see. I'm afraid that won't work. You should try to create a custom Drupal module at and add the css there via the function hook_h5p_styles_alter documented here: