Drag and drop feature, how to "retry" it if the user got the correct answer


I am new to this. On Drag and drop feature, if the user did not get ALL drag and drop questions correct, they will get a chance to retry. What about if they got ALL drag and drop questions correct, but still want to redo it, is there a way to do so?  I appreciate your help in advance! 

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Hi, there isn't a simple way to allow retry's on correct answers. This may be added further down the road. If you have access to a developer, it is possible to change the code of drag and drop to allow retry's since H5P is completely open source:


Hello, up this post ! I need too this feature... anyone can change the code ?

Thank you !

I've Just put in a feature request for a RETRY button to "Find Multiple Hotspots", but it would be nice to have a RETRY button on all H5P content types