Video capture

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It is great to be able to directly capture images or video when creating interactive video content types. On tablets when clicking on upload file there is a dialogue that allows you to directly capture video from the tablet camera. On Android this works very well, because the video is captured as mp4. On iPad it works well for taking pictures from the tablet cam and include them as images. However, when taking video on the iPad H5P considers the video file format as invalid. iPad stores as MOV files, however internally these are based on MP4 protocol. Could this be solved or addressed? it is great to be able to create interactive videos just walking around with your tablet (depending on wifi connectivity of course).

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Thank you for reporting. It might be possible to just change .mov to .mp4 but this is something we will have to look into more closely in a later stage of development. There are many apps that can do this for you it seems, but then you would offcourse need to create the video first and then upload it after running it through such an app.

The ability to upload these videos to my news website, while out in the field, would be sweet.

I can't seem to find any apps that record in .mp4 or webm format