Image Hotspot Font-size


Hi H5P,

Looking into image hotspots was wondering was there any way to increase the font-size of the hotspot button?? 

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Hi Samuel,

You can change the font-size by choosing oine of the 3 paragraph formats (screenshot attached).


Hey BV52,

What I believe Samuel is referring to, and what I'm asking about as well, is using the font-size attribute to increase the size of the predefined icons on the Image Hotspots activity. Unfortunately adding a bit of CSS like this has no impact whatsoever on the default size of 1.2em, meaning we can't increase the size of the icons. I've also tried with with !important, and that didn't work either. 

.h5p-image-hotspot {
    font-size: 3em; 
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Wrong forum. Please move this to the Feature requests forum where it belongs!