questions about libraries updates

I have a multisite install where I have installed and network activated the H5P plugin.

Then, I have created several sites and I have been able to use H5P Activities on each of these sites, and it worked well.

I have understood that I needed to upload the H5P Libraries Activities on each site to do so, but it is not a problem. It makes sense to have different sites using different Activities, and the upload process is very straightforward.

I have read and, but I still have questions about how H5P Activities updates are managed.

More specifically, on the Admin H5P Libraries page, there are multiple options:

  1. Content Type Cache
  2. Upload Libraries
  3. Installed libraries, with different icons for each library

And in the H5P Hub, some Activities may have "update available", and when you choose such an Activity, there is an "update" button.

My questions:

  1. What is the Content Type Cache and what is the difference with the Libraries
  2. In the Upload Libraries section there is a checkbox "Only update existing libraries". When I check it and click the "Upload" button, I get an error notice "no file was uploaded". There is nothing in PHP error log. Is this normal to get this error notice? What does it mean? All my libraries are up to date? I don't think so, since in the same time, in the H5P Hub, I have some Activities with "update available". Do I need specific WordPress permissions to use this function?
  3. In the Installed libraries section, there are 3 icons for some libraries, and the one of the left, with an "up arrow", is always disabled. Why, and what action would be performed if it was enabled?
  4. Updating an Activity from the H5P Hub seems to work fine. Is it the same process as updating the libraries from the Upload Libraries section in the Admin Page?
  5. If I have created contents with an Activity Library, and this library benefits from a major upgrade, what is the impact on existing contents? Can I upgrade the contents to take advantage of the latest library version?

I have one last question and it is related to both the H5P upgrade process and the integration of the French translations we provided weeks ago.

My understanding was that these translations where included in H5P 1.10.3, but although I have updated H5P plugin and activities, I still have some translations missing.

For instance, in the Course Presentation Activity, some strings are no up to date (see attached screen copies). Is this normal? Some Activities may not have been updated yet? Please advise.

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Hi atriaforever!

1) H5P will automatically try to retrieve information about the latest available library updates from our servers. That's what is called "Content Type Cache". It's just the information about what new libraries are available, it's not the new libraries itself.

2) You will have to choose an H5P library file that you want to upload. If you don't, you'll get the message. Those files can contain a variety of libraries that depend on each other. If you check "Only update existing libraries", then new ones will be ignored. This way you can prevent installing libraries that have not been on your system before, e.g. because you want to check their source code first before installing them.

3) If you have content and then update the libraries, the old content will still use the older library versions. Old content is not updated automatically, because the behavior might change, etc. You will have to trigger the update yourself manually. That's what the arrow button is for. If you have created content and updated the libraries, it will be enabled and can then be used to upgrade old content to new library versions.

4) That is basically the same, yes. Some people prefer not to use the H5P Hub and will have to upload new libraries manually. That's what the upload functions can be used for.

5) As mentioned in 3, there will be no impact on old content if you update libraries. It will still use the version that it was created with. So, you could e.g. stumble upon multiple versions of a library, because som content (or other library) may still depend on it.

Each content type has its own translation files. They're not updated by updating the plugin for WordPress, but by updating the content types. That's more modular.


Thanks Oliver, it's crystal clear now.