No content types show “Update available” even when I know there are.

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We are using Moodle 3.2.8 with H5P version 1.7 (2018012200) and Interactive videos version 1.17.4.


As you are aware, with the “Use H5P hub” option turned on, any content types that have a newer release waiting display the message, “Update available.”  Since there are frequent updates to the many content types, there are very often many updates available (especially since I tend to batch updates at the end of a semester).  Unfortunately, now none of the content types display “Update available.”  I updated all the content types on our test server two weeks ago, using the “update available” options,  and all went smoothly. So, it has been healthy and happy in the recent past. The test server is on Moodle 3.5.1, H5P 1.9 (2018053100), and has interactive videos version 1.19.4.  So, I know that version 1.19.4 is available to the production server.  But now, even our test server does not display “Update available” for any content type.


This has become an issue because I have a professor who makes extensive use of Interactive videos.  Because of the way the system treats Summary tasks, she really needs the Submit screen feature of 1.19 ASAP.  I told her I would install the update today, and then ran into the above wall.


I don’t get any error messages from the Libraries page.  Per the suggestion in (thomasmars Tue, 09/04/2018 - 01:50)

I clicked “update content type cache” and got “Library cache was successfully updated!”  I am hesitant to use the “upload a file” mechanism because I’ve never done it before, having always been successful with the “Update available” method.


Are there any known current problems with the hub server? It is my understanding it’s, is that correct?  And, that we should be able to ping it, correct? (My Mac and Windows laptops can both ping it no problems) When I make an http request to I get the response, {"uuid":"368e86b4-f76f-416c-99ec-3d63e7e609c7"}; is that a valid response?


I’ll put a ticket into our hosting provider to check that they can ping  Are there other tests they can/should/would run to confirm that Moodle’s H5P subsystem can “phone home” correctly?  Perhaps tracert Or an HTTP request to a specific port/page or whatever?


What else can/should I do to debug this problem?  Cheers?

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Hi crossbow42!

There are no known problems related to the issue that you describre. Does the moodle role you're using to view the H5P content hub have the permission to update content? If not, you will neither see that there's an update available, and also won't be able to update content.

Admins can set or revoke this permission ("Install new H5P content types or update existing ones") in moodle's role editor.


p.s.: Nice profile phote :-)

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I found the permission you refer to here, and for most roles it is "Not set."  On the other hand, my account is one of the few Administrator accounts, so I believe all permisison queries return "Allow."

And!  When I looked back after checking permissions, now I DO see SOME "Update available" options.  Woo-hoo!  But, even in production where we only have 1.17, the Interactive Video option does NOT say "Update availalble."  Boo!  Is it possible this has something to do with the fact that Production is on H5P version 1.17, and therefore can't update content types to 1.19 (until the overall plugin is updated)?  Or, is there something I can do in the H5P settings or Libraries screen to allow the 1.19 Interactive video to update?  Cheers!

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You're right. Version 1.19 of Interactive Video requires a higher version of the H5P core than version 1.17. If that's the underlying problem, I think it was a good idea indeed to hint to core updates in some way inside the Hub. Unfortunately, there's no way around an update of the core if a content type requires some functionality that is provided there.

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That makes sense, lemme see if I can get the core plugin updated, cheers!