How to store h5p video in S3 or Google cloud stogare


Hi folks,

Does anyone know what is the best way to store video? maybe S3, Google cloud,....since my websever could not serve like one thousand videos


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There are many good providers for serving video, your needs may vary depending on where your primary user base is, how large the files are, do you need transcoding etc. 
If you do have room for the video files on your server but are worried about bandwidth usage one simple solution is to just add a CDN in front of your website. Then the file will only be fetched at a certain interval from your server and served to people around the globe from the CDN servers. You can use this to speed up other parts of your site as well. There are many good CDN alternatives, but one cheap and good alternative worth checking out is CloudFlare, but note the 512MB max file size for non-enterprise customers. 

If you don't have room on your server use an object storage like S3, Spaces or similar (your current hosting solution may even have their own). Note that most CDNs can be integrated with most object storages so both solutions can be used at the same time.

Thanks for your reply

Yes, defenitely we need a service to upload our h5p files because we have a lot of videos.

I'm just wondering which one better, S3 or Google cloud and anyone used Google cloud ?

I don't see any modules or option to connect H5P from Drupal to Google Cloud as well