Blackboard LTI Integration - warning message

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I am trying to set up the H5P into Blackboard via Basic LTI integration. I do manage to get the content creation works but seems to have some problem with the deep linking configuration.  The warning message pops up as "You are inserting content without Content Item Message or Deep Linking......" when I am trying to create a new H5P content and it disabled my ability for course copying. I have attached the error message and my LTI setting for your references. 

Has anyone come across this issue before?

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Any ideas?

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Did you follow this guide?
Be sure that you click the LTI Tool Providers in the control panel and not the Basic LTI tools link

We stumbled upon the same message upon integrating H5P in our Blackboard instance using "LTI Tool Providers". The steps in don't match the options we see. For instance, we don't see the radio button for "Course Content Tool" with a checkbox for "Supports Deep Linking" as detailed in the guide. By contrast, our system allows us to choose between "Content Type" and "Content-Item Message", but this is nowhere to be found in the guide. Refer to the attached screenshot.

Currently, our system has been set to "Content Type" and "Placement allows marking". What happens if we select the radio button for "Content-Item Message"? More importantly, what is the difference between the two? If we choose "Content-Item Message", will it get rid of the "You are inserting content without Content Item Message or Deep Linking......" prompt and facilitate seamless course copy? 

Please advise. 

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I have not seen the boxes from your screenshot before, do you know which version of Blackboard you're using? It should say next to the "Administrator Panel" heading.

If you have already started using the tool within Blackboard then I would not recommend changing it.
But if you haven't then it should be safe to enable the "Content-Item Message" option. This should give you a better experience. The author should get to create and select the content before publishing it to Blackboard. Also, the link will be stored in Blackboard, so if the course is cloned the content will remain the same. 

Hi ICC, 

Thank you for your reply. We had been running SaaS 3400.0.3 when we integrated H5P on our Blackboard Learn Staging environment. At this point, this Learn instance is now on Release 3500.0.0-rel.21+b070ffd. 


Thank you, ICC.

Just a quick update, I have managed to figure out the problem after talking to the Blackboard team. The reason we don't see that option is that we are running the old version of Blackboard system (For example, 2017 Q4 in my case). In order to have the proper LTI configuration with H5P, we will have to update to at least Q4 2018. 

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Ah, thank you for the feedback. 

We will keep this in mind for the future.

Hi ICC, I'm trying to reconfigure the H5P LTI integration on our Blackboard Learn staging server since we recently upgraded it to v3500. In the documentation (, the instruction indicates we have to select "Supports deep linking". What's the difference between "Supports deep linking" and "Allows marking"? and why can't I select both? 

We would like to allow our instructors and course developers to create H5P content within the LMS. In addition, we would like the Blackboard grade centre to capture data about the completion of course presentations or scores from H5P interactive quizzing and activities. If we were to select "Supports deep linking", how does that affect the Grade Centre? 

Please refer to the attached file and advise.    

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It appears this is a bug in Blackboard's UI. If I remember correctly "Supports deep linking" is the newest and includes grades as well, you don't have to check the box under.
So, if it's supported by both systems; go for 
"Supports deep linking".