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We have recently installed the h5p plugin in the moodle server of our institution. There are two issues that we need to fix.

Firstly, we have noticied that interactive video activities allows uploads beyond the maximum-size configured in the server. Is there any way to limit the size of video uploads or even prevent the user from uploading any content and force them to use a youtube/vimeo link?

We would like to use h5p to embed questions in videos. Latex equations, however, do not get rendered even with Mathjax enabled in Moodle. Is it possible to add latex support in h5p?  

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We use the Moodle File API for storing files within Moodle, it seems like the "maxbytes" setting is only supported through Moodle Forms.
You may change your server settings, like Moodle's file upload size guide explains, if you wish to set a strict upload limit for the whole site. We also have an issue  for implementing support for Moodle's maxbytes within H5P, but unfortunately it is not very high on our priority list currently.

Oliver has been working on adding latex support for H5P, I think it is finished, but it needs a new core version of the H5P plugin to work, so we need to finish up the current release of the new H5P Core version before it can be released. You can follow the progress in our issue tracker and in the github repository.

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Dear Thomas,

Our server has a course upload limit set to 10 MB. In any activity assignment students are allowed to upload up to this limit. I have checked this constraint and it works. However, when creating an H5P Video interactive content, the teacher can upload well beyond 10MB (I have tried to upload a video of 64 MB and it worked flawlessly). 

So, if it seems that the moodle course upload limit does not apply to H5P, do you suggest to restrict to the server level in php.ini?

I am looking forward to have latex implemented in h5p.

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If you set the upload limit in php.ini, then noone will be able to upload files that exceeds the size of that limit. If this is okay for you, then you can limit the upload for H5P Interactive Video this way.

Best regards, Thomas

There appears to be an open ticket here, hasnt been worked on in 2 years though

Moodle provides system and class size uploads limits for many beneficial reasons, the php.ini setting is not a solution for us as well. moodle has added a patch in v3.9 to prevent third party plugins from by-passing moodle upload limits .

If h5p file size limits are not an option please conside a setting to disable file uploads for Interactive Videos, provide an option to only allow url embeds from resources like youtube and vimeo. We have hundreds of teachers and invariably a few upload huge videos and its harming our entire moodle system.

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Hi plindgreen!

If you need a solution now, you could hide the upload field by overriding the editor's stylesheet.




great idea, thank you, Im going to run it by management now !