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Aged Out

H5P is a key component in helps young adults who are, or were, in the care of the province of British Columbia, Canada. It provides life-skills information and resources to help them deal with the challenges they face.

Rather than present information in a dry, textbook-style format, the site shares life-skill knowledge in a series of learning "quests". A quest consists of 6 to 12 interactive components, including videos, quizzes, and a variety of H5P activities. Users earn rewards in the form of badges and virtual collector cards for a variety of activities on the site, including completing quests and exploring other kinds of site content. The site was a finalist for the 2016 Premier's Award for Innovation and the 2015 Vancouver User Experience Award.

H5P-generated content forms the backbone of the interactive activities and much of the presentation components. Articulate Storyline was also used for some interactivities. At the time the site was authored, H5P did not offer some of the functionality desired by the curriculum developers (for instance, audio). This is no longer the case, and much of the non-H5P content could now be functionally replicated using H5P.

The site name comes from an expression used by youth and social service organizations. A person has “aged out” when they reach legal majority and are no longer supported by the system.

The site is built using the Drupal Content Management System (CMS).

Unfortunately, there is no demo available, but if you want to see how the system works you are invited to create an account at Identify yourself as “Other” if none of the other descriptors are applicable. Please explore!

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