Text customisations

Hi all, 

I've been experimenting with the text overrides, with the intention that if a user gets a passing grade (in this case 8/10) they get the link to the moodle page with the certificate on text feedback when they reach the summary slide at the end. The problem is, none of the text overrides seem to have any impact on the summary screen. I think it is because there isn't anything in the behaviour settings of the course presentation editor which allows you to set the parameters for what is a passing scor and what isn't. I want to reduce the number of clicks it takes for a successful candidate to collect their certificate. Any ideas?



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Hi Fred!

There are some fields for translation in the editor that are not used (e.g. the messages for particular scoring), that's correct. They will be removed in the next version of Course Presentation.

Unless you're capable of some coding, I don't think there's a simple way to add individual messages such as a link. You're welcome to post a feature request however.

In general, issuing certificates is somewhat in a grey area, because H5P focuses on the content and leaves dealing with the score to the host system.