xAPI and LRS integration of H5P


We wanted to inspire with an actual implementation of H5P and xAPI statements in our case of course in Eurekos. The results are based on live data with full integration to the learning environment. This allow effective course building, adding H5P resources and automatic filtering out results between groups of students taking the courses.

We are going "all-in" on a strategic implemention of H5P learning tools as an asset in the learning environment and even included a little extra to some of the tools - e.g: when question types do not employ a start button, time is not counted on page load but when the user interacts with the elements.

We also add other triggers on user behavior and combine them with the results, counting different but similar objects it the mix.

This showcase should prove just how powerful it is be when a great interface, a great learning environment adds great learning tools in a seamless manner. The whole concept from content creation to automatic detection of learning objects and their relation to courses, classes and users. Add another H5P object to a course page and its already part of the statistics. Everything in the right place, producing the right output to the right target group and role - just like that.

Hope you feel inspired. This is how H5P should be integrated.

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Thanks for sharing :)

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Very nice, indeed!