How are people integrating H5P?

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I'm a Moodle admin, but new to CMSes like Drupal and Wordpress (I was very pleased to learn that I can pretty much get a working Drupal installation with H5P in one drush command!). 

My question is: ok, I've created some content. Now what?

I can create a page in Moodle, edit the html source, and paste the H5P's embed code, but some of my fellow content developers are less web-technical and it would be nice to not make them deal with HTML directly.

I found it pleasantly easy to set up LTI support for Drupal, allowing me to embed an H5P's drupal node by simply pasting the link into one of Moodle's "external tool" activities, but that embeds the whole Drupal interface, site navbars and all (maybe there's a way to selectively disable this in Drupal)?

What I really want it something like what I get with another great open-source content tool, Xerte. When I publish a Xerte content object, in addition to embed code I get a special URL that displays just the content object, with no navigational or editing controls. That way all I need to do is add it as a popup URL in Moodle or and LTI embed and the student gets a nice, clean interface.

Maybe this should go in the "feature requests" forum, but first I thought I'd ask how others are actually deploying the content they create, in case there are options I just don't know about yet. 

Thanks to anyone who can help!

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There is an H5P Moodle plugin in the works that should make life much easier for you! We hope it will be released this summer. When it is released you won't need a Drupal installation.

The embed code is all we offer right now, but we're going to add LTI as well so in the future it will be easier to integrate H5Ps hosted on external servers but that is as you say a feature request.