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Dear all,

I'm running an education orojepr in Shanghai and I want to use h5p for my e-learning content . At the monenm I'm playing on a Wordpress installation to make some tests. My problem is to use some libraries . I get a error message time out when I want to install for example the video library. Some are working. It was working 6 weeks ago. Obviously something has changed in the last week's . The connection to the h5p homepage is slow anyway .that is depending on the Chinese firewalland changuchfrom day to day and I never know  when it is working well it not. Is their a possibility to have the libraries somewhere localy in china or maybe lokal on my computer to get rid of the problem of a slow connection to the western world ? At the I could know that the connection is not the issue .

Thank you


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Hi KJ,

There was a conversation regarding this before and yes you are correct the firewall in China is a bit inconsistent which makes using assets outside of the country a bit tricky.

Anyway there is a workaround, you can host everything using wordpress and a local server. In terms of installing the libraries if the HUB is not working but you can access you can download the sample contents and upload it into WP. I suggest that you start with Column, Course Presentation, Interactive Video and Quiz (Question Set) in that order. These contents not only installs its libraries it also installs all the contents that it is dependent on.

I hope this helps and good luck on your project :-)


Hi BV52,

It was working to upload the example. Thank you very much for your help.