(Urgent matter) Interactive video - Unwanted "more videos-menu" causing problems


"More videos menu" (see attachment) causes issues when embedding in ndla.no.

It pops up every time the video is paused, and is not possible to remove, not by klicking on x or selecting any of the video suggestions.

It is possible to remove in the h5p.org-demo, but the "more videos-button" then pops up in the lower left corner and remains in this posistion.

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It seems YouTube has changed their behavior/policies on embedding and do not allow to hide these "widgets" anymore as they now considered to be part of the YouTube core experience.

You can read about it here: https://developers.google.com/youtube/player_parameters#showinfo



It is weird that the "more videos" pops up in H5P anytime the interactive videos is paused, but this button/action doesn't occur in YouTube.  Is there anyway to disable it either in H5P or in YouTube?  It is really distracting to the learner and is suggesting them to leave the interactive video and go watch another video on YouTube. 

Any help is greatly appreciated!


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I believe there are some settings when you upload the video where you can control these types of things. This is indeed a YouTube issue and not related to H5P.

I know adding &ytp-pause-overlay=0 to the end of your YouTube video URL stops the pause when embedding. The &tp-pause-overlay=0 is what removes the overlay with suggested videos when you pause an embedded YT video but how to add this in is beyond me

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You can't. H5P has to use YouTube's Player API (which is not the same as using a URL) and it does not allow to remove the suggested videos.