xAPI output Moodle Gradebook vs Wordpress H5PxAPIkatchu

First off...thanks for h5p and pikatchu plugin.

One week, trying to learn h5p plus setup a semi lms (no payments no certificates).

Setup wordpress with h5pxapikatchu at 000webhost.

Setup moodle (default gradebook) at gnomio.

Both services are really good (gnomio & 000webhost).

Put the same .h5p file with MCQ in both and one demo student.

MCQ has 5 questions, when student attempts mcq:

1> moodle gradebook gives full details which option was chosen in which subquestion etc

2> h5pxapikatchu gives detailed xapi statements for each subquestion and one xapi statement for summary on completion

My Problem: the xapi statements for the subquestions are EXACTLY identical, giving no hint as to which option was chosen, result is always 0. Only the summary statement has the final result.

WHY is moodle gradebook able to give detailed breakdown unless that data is present somewhere in xapi.?? Where is the missing data and how do I get it.??

Please help

ps: already checked "full xapi"  output option in h5pxapikatchu

Just checked the object def columns for "description", "choice" and "correct response" are empty in h5pxapikatchu

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Hi h5pbesnsec!

First of all, please note that H5PxAPIkatchu is not an official plugin by the H5P core team. But, well, since I created it ...

xAPI is not just about storing results of a task, but of documenting manifold experiences a user can have. So, with xAPI you can collect much more information than with the moodle gradebook.

For example, I assume you are referencing the rows that in the "Verb Display" column have the entry "interacted". This row doesn't contain a result, but indicates that a user has chosen an answer, or maybe switched from one option to another. This can be valuable information if you want to learn something about how certain the learner was, if you want to give feedback, etc. Just have a look at all the possible xAPI verbs that have already be proposed: http://xapi.vocab.pub/verbs/ 

If you're not interested in that, you can just stick to the rows that have the verb "answered".


Will check the propsed xapi features link.

Went back and checked the .csv with xapi statements.

For each subquestion..verb : interacted & one extra row verb: completed

BTW..even Moodle gradebook only shows detailed result for latest attempt.

My question was:

if all info h5p outputs is completely given by xapi...where is moodle getting that stuff..as its absent from the xapi statements


seems to be the one i need

BTW, where can I see xapi list of some particular h5p content type in the documentation?? (will go and search now)

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Hi h5pbesnsec!

There's no content type in H5P that uses the verb "preferred".

On the example pages of the H5P content types, you can find a link named "xAPI coverage". It will list the statements that are send out by the content types. Unfortunately, these lists are not up-to-date.


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Hi h5pbesnsec!

I am not sure if I understand you correctly, but only the last part seems to be a question. All the information that moodle provides is inside the "completed" statement of the xAPI statement. The object part e.g. describes what answer options are available and the correct answer pattern. The result part e.g. describes what answer option was given the score, etc. You can check the xAPI specification for details.