H5P and Moodle Mobile

I would like to use H5P in Moodle Mobile. Altough I have activated Webservices in Moodle H5P does'nt work (contact the site administrator and tell them you want to use this activity with Moodle Mobile app). What di I have to do/activate in Moodle?

Kind regards Christian

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I don't think H5P has been tested with Moodle Mobile, yet. In theory, it should work without any issues, but there might be some special ways of doing things that I'm not aware of. I've created an issue for looking into this: HFP-252. Thank you for reporting.


Is the problem has been fixed display on  moodle mobile?

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I don't think anyone have had time to look at it yet. You can follow the process of the issue here: HFP-252.

WOW! This bug have create 2 years ago .

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Yes, sadly, no one has been willing to invest resources into getting it fixed.

I made some workaround, and posted here:


For someone can't wait for the Moodle 3.5

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Ah, very interesting! Thank you for sharing.


I have looked at the forum discussions, but I don't see a recent update on the status of H5P and the Moodle Mobile app. I just tried it and H5P does not load. Thank you, any information would be helpful. 

Hello, I have been looking through the forum discussions and have not found a recent update on the H5P and Moodle mobile app. I just tried last night (on moodle mobile app) and H5P does not load. I am wondering if there is an update on this. thank you!