Arabic, H5P & RTL


As you can see in the two images I've a problem with RTL to support Arabic and also in the too small character in arabic for my students.

I need what you've got in the question description, a way to put the words bigger and from right to left.

For the image sequencing, the left from right make the exercice difficult to register, and to answer as well, for the n°4 word is going out down, but in arabic he's the first word... and that's a problem.

Do you can tell me (and explain for I'm just an arabic teacher trying to grow a wordpress site) how to make these problems disappear please ?


Thanks a lot !

Pierre from France

rtl, right to left, arabic support
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Hi Pierre,

I apologize H5Ps are not fully RTL compatible and none of the core teams members have RTL experience hence we are unable to fix issues with it. Although there have been several conversations regarding this no one has picked up the project yet to create H5Ps in RTL.