Uploading error

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Hello Support Team, 

I am trying to uplaod this board game(https://h5p.org/h5p/embed/63500) on my totara site just to test but I am geeting an error 

Validating h5p package failed.

Invalid data provided for license in h5p.json

The main h5p.json file is not validGet help

A valid main h5p.json file is missingGet help


I have looked at the getHelp page at H5P website unfortunaletly not able to resolve 

Please can you help how can I resolve this. I am looking forward to hearing from you.




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Hi Kumar,

I wouldn't recommend using boardgame since it's not being developed anymore. The last update to the content was 3 years ago.



We are getting the same problem trying to upload our many activities downloaded from H5P.org to our H5P.com instance on our University Canvas.

It seems that uploading H5P files to h5P.com is broken.



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Hi uwmlrc,

The version of H5P is still lower in H5P.com. We usually release updates on H5P.com 1-2 weeks after the initial release. Although we run a series of test, there are added layers in H5P.com and this is to ensure that everything will work smoothly.


When will this incompatibility be fixed?  

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Hi uwmlrc,

I'm sorry you're running into these issues.

  1. We have restored all the content you reported that you lost because of the spam filter. Please let us know if there are more H5Ps you have lost that we don't know about. We can't let spammers take over H5P.com and don't have the manpower to monitor manually so when captchas everywhere didn't help we had to apply a spam filter to stop the spammers. Unfortunately "video" for instance is among the top keywords spammers use and also very common for genuin content so the spam filter has false positives. The spam filter combined with a bug in the new version of H5P did cause more problems than intended.
  2. H5P.com is two+ weeks behind H5P.org to ensure that H5P.com customers don't have to go through any teething problems with new versions of H5P. For organizations currently using H5P.org it means two weeks of incompatibility but once your content is over it will of course not be a problem going forward since you'll have all your content on H5P.com. Our current ETA for updating H5P.com is the 24th.

    We also inform H5P.com paying customers in advance of H5P.org updates, but we do not warn those doing a trial. I believe you're doing a trial. If you decide to sign up we'll be happy to move all your content over for you as compensation for the problems you've been going throug using the free test-drive feature on H5P.org