Drupal h5p exports directory

At the moment we have the default package path set to /sites/default/files/h5p 

Over time this directory (or specifically /sites/default/files/h5p/exports) has accumulated over 3000 files.

On Drupal website performance can severely degrade when too many files are added and available to the system in a single directory without any subdirectory structure.

We do not have the (download, embed and copyright) buttons turned on for any content, so is it safe to simply delete the contents of the /exports directory periodically to keep the number of files down?  My limited testing suggests that it is ok, but I wondered if there are some downsides (apart from not being able to download the exports in future).  I suppose that if I wanted to keep the .h5p exports I could offload them to some other place.

Any advise would be gratefully received.

 -- edit --

I guess I was mistaken, as I see that the .h5p file is recreated in the /exports directory whenever a user visits the content on the site... Is there any way to place these exports into a subdirectory based on year/month/day fr example?  What do you guys do on h5p.org?


I am also curious about this. I have 3gb of files in this folder.

I'll do some testing but I'd rather delete these files during a cron run if they're recreated anyways.