FB Page Feed

Perhaps I missed something, but FB page feed is either not inlcuded in the library file, or it is not installing on my site for some reason (Drupal 7). Any suggestions/help would be appreciated.

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I presume you have downloaded the FB page feed from http://h5p.org/facebook-page-feed?

Could you please navigate to the admin/content/h5p page on your Drupal site, and see if this library is listed there?

It's not in my library. Assumption is that it would be included here (the rest of the cntent types are) http://h5p.org/sites/default/files/libraries_1.h5p.

I can download individually, but it seemed unusual that one content type has to be handled his way. Thought it should be bundled with the rest, and therefore it seemed odd when it wasn't.


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Something has gone wrong when we generated the libraries_1.h5p file, since it does not contain the FB page feed library. Sorry about that. In the meantime, just download and install the FB page feed from http://h5p.org/facebook-page-feed

Thanks for reporting!

No worries, good outcome, and still a happy user :-)